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Avoid pet shops and people who have a dog or two they've bred just to have puppies.
Most pet shop puppies are shipped in from puppy mills in the mid-west and are bred without regard for health, genetic defects or the breed standard.

People who breed their pets together are usually not knowledgeable about health issues or proper care of toy dogs.

If you are interested in adding a toy dog to your home, contact the Natl. breed club, AKC and several reputable breeders. Make appointments to see what they have available. Most breeders do not have litters at all times. You may have to wait for the right pup from the right breeder.
Breeders that show their dogs and carefully plan their litters to improve the overall quality of the breed will interview you and screen you carefully to make sure you and the pup are a good fit.
They will offer written contracts and health guarantees, sell their pet puppies on neuter contracts and limited registration and should be willing to take the dog back into their home or assist with placement should you be unable to keep the dog.
Your breeder should always be there for you if you have questions or need assistance.
American Kennel Club